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30 Day Vlog Challenge Participants

When you do something in a group, the fear doesn’t necessarily disappear. It gets pushed aside because there is so much support around you. That’s the beauty of joining a community challenge.

The 30 Day Vlog Challenge participants below are successful because they took up the gauntlet and created at least 1 video.

If you’d like to join us, go to the Challenger leaders page and post a link to your video in her most recent Vlog Challenge Post. Just look on the left hand side for “Recent Posts”.

Fearless Leader Tiffany Dow

Bonnie Gean

Lisa Stoops

Tiffiney Cowan

Paul D Williams

Jennifer Valerie

Victoria @My Daily Cuppa

Teresa Graham Brett

Leslie Denning

Stacy Galiczynski

Jenn Alex Brockman

Desmond Owens

Britt Malka

Jackie Lee

Cheryl Chartier

Sue Worthington

James Brown

Helena Bowers


Amanda Thomas

Ruth Pound

Mary Kathan

Debi J

Sydney West joins the challenge in stealth mode. When she’s ready she will share her links with the world. I just had to shout her out.

Here is the impact all the challengers and those watching are having on me.

I forgot to mention Lisa Stoops, Leslie Denning and Sue Worthington in the video. 🙁 I don’t know how any of these women slipped by me.

Lisa – ohh you just don’t know but thank you so, so, soooooo much for doing what you do. Your PLR store provided my very first affiliate sale.

Leslie, thank you for being brave and showing us your before office and being accountable and able to show us your after. That rocks!

And Sue, your Facebook video actually revealed some hidden gems to me behind the scenes of that behemouth. For that I am grateful. And I’m so sorry I didn’t mention you in the video.

Kerry McNally picks up the gauntlet.

Kim Phoenix joins the challenge.

Mary Schiller is now a challenge participant.

You can do the same thing. Be inspired. Be inspiring. Act now.