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What are your strengths and are you using them?
Challenges reveal our strengths and weaknesses, strengthen our beliefs or knock them out the window.

When we fully commit, push through the roadblocks facing us, we learn more about who we are and what we want from the life we’re living.

Challenges are designed to push the edges of our comfort zone out farther than they are currently.

Below you’ll find a quick synopsis of all the challenges I’ve done (both the failing AND successful ones) or am currently working on.

30 Day Vlog Challenge November – December 2012

This challenge was to help participants get comfortable on camera, put ourselves out there and begin building stronger relationships with the people who find us.

It was scary, initially, yet having made it through the entire 30 days, I found a love of video and a became quite comfortable being sensitive, serious, silly, and service focused me.

Watch all the videos from the 30 Day Vlog Challenge.

Freelancer Bidding Challenge December 13, 2012 – January 12, 2013

As a service provider, I need to find clients. I also need to find prospective clients to keep the cash flow on an even keel. I started with a free 30 day trial of (affiliate link) to see if I could make this happen through a bidding site.

Having never committed to using a bidding site before, there were many lessons I learned about what I want and what I’m willing to deal with to get it.

I’m still using, even though the challenge is over. I didn’t win any bids and I found there was no way for me to bid as much as I initially challenged myself even, in my first 30 days.

I also reviewed the entire process from terms of service through results that weren’t what I set out to achieve. You can read all those posts here.

21 Day Curation Challenge

I didn’t talk about this challenge at all on the blog. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would make it through. I’ve owned the Smart Curation Skills (affiliate link) course from Kelly McCausey about a year. Cracked it open once or twice but never really dug into it. When she mentioned doing the challenge, I tentatively joined.

Well, I loved it. It got me finding people in the new niche and started me posting regularly to a new blog.

The only downside was that for 20 or so days, all I did was post curated content on the new blog. I didn’t write any of my own.

But now I know how to do curation well and it’s becoming part of my content strategy.

Stretch Yourself Challenge October 2014

This challenge just started. I don’t have a true update on it yet.

However the Opening Ceremony was amazing. A little “not good enough, not expert enough” gremlin showed up just as I went to post my introduction and hung on through out the Opening Ceremony.

I actually agreed with the little gremlin but twisted it’s words a bit. I am NOT good all the time. I am NOT always the expert and that’s enough of that.

So Day 1 I’d call a success.

The challenge runs through the month of October so there will be updates as we go.

It covers content creation or you can create your own challenge to focus on. If you’re reading this before October 7, 2014, you still have the chance to join the Challenge community (affiliate link).

What Is My Next Challenge?

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