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About Me

Photo of Minna BryantI am a coordinating and re-purposing geek. I am email marketing obsessed. I’m becoming a WordPress Voyager. I’ve always been a Lover of the essence. I am keen on specifics and details of using internet marketing processes to realize long held dreams (which may have been hidden away for safe keeping).

Currently learning the secrets of living a happy, honest and healthy self-directed lifestyle.

After buying, reading and imagining that I might thrive using the internet, I’ve taken the plunge. What I want to know now is my own true answer – what does and what doesn’t work for me?

If you want to live in life’s magic (it’s not always easy), live life in your power (you won’t always be appreciated) and have your dreams coming true daily (you won’t always be accepted), you’re in good company.

The first step, admit we want what we want.

The second step, determine where we already have it and what work still needs to be done.

The third step, keep believing, stick to our ethics and principles and do the work.

Having started this journey in June 2012, progress has been made, clarity and commitment have been tested. Failures and successes happen, but most importantly lessons are being learned.

This site is where I share what I learn as I learn it. I’ll update what I learn when I learn a better way. The point, the intention, the objective is to do the work necessary to live our own brand of magic, life and power.

What do you imagine yours to look like?