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About Me

Here’s the rub …After buying, reading, imagining, and attempting to create a secure financial foundation using the internet and internet marketing, but not consistently doing the work to make it happen, I’m taking the plunge again with a better mindset and more clarity.

I’ve been online off and on since September 2007 when I quit my job even though my backup plan fell through.

I couldn’t take the 2-hour one-way commute and the petty interoffice crap anymore.

I was sick – literally.

I ended up in the hospital ER on my last day of work. I missed my own ice cream cake.

I haven’t sat in a cubicle since I boxed up all my office tchotchke the following week.


However, that doesn’t mean I’ve been a successful internet marketer either. I’ve struggled and had breakdowns and breakthroughs. I’ve dealt with personal issues, health issues, and emotional issues. But I’m damn sure not done yet. I haven’t even started good.

I WANT things. I NEED things even more than I want things.


I know what to avoid and I can spot a shiny object a mile away because they sing to me, draw me in like a siren on the rocks.

I’ve finally pulled my head out of the woo-woo, hope and hype fueled land of make money online. I don’t care if your plumbers’ cousins best friend made $6,783 last week by putting this one ad in this one paper. I’ve got what I’m starting with right here.

The next 365 days beginning June 15, 2017 I’m officially back and I just wanted you to know that.

Watch this space.

Better yet, tap this link to take The Oath and allow me into your inbox, especially if you’re just getting started. I’d love to help you avoid a few pitfalls. (Sadly you can’t avoid them all because those dang holes keep moving.)



Updated June 12, 2017