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Planning Week One Part 2

Today I planned out the tools and courses I’ll be reviewing up through August. I reserve the right to change my mind about the courses if something really juicy shows up.

I decided to do some older foundation building courses which are still relevant today, some newer courses and …

I’ll finish up Super Affiliate Handbook in January but I’m picking up where I left off next week.

Watch the video or read below for more planning.

In March and August, it’s going to be Reader’s Choice. You’ll determine what I review with at most using two criteria. The first one being it must be affiliate marketing related. That leaves it pretty open. The second will be based on price, but I’ll let you know more as March draws near.

As far as tools go, I’m starting off with Headway. I realize I can spend hours and hours searching for WordPress themes. I value my time way more, so I’m learning how to design the basics – that means CSS & HTML.

I’m dedicating three months to learning how to use it properly and make a basic site. I’ve already started. I’m “coding” the blog posts by hand so I can get familiar with doing it.

You already see Headway at work on this site and it’s the theme framework I’ll be using moving forward.

I’ll also be reviewing Premise, a WordPress plugin that does sales letters, landing pages and membership sites.

Finally for tools through June is GTT. It’s not available right now but you can get on the launch notification list for it.

The weekly video will remain fairly unplanned and unscripted although there may be a few more tutorial style videos.

Here’s a nice table of what I’ve planned.

Month Tools Courses
January Headway Super Affiliate Handbook
February More Headway TIS by PM
March More Headway Reader’s Choice
April Premise INE by LRP
May More Premise New Product Release
June GTT KYS by KM
July Break Break
August New Tool Reader’s Choice

And that’s my plan through August anyway for this site.

Next week I’m working on the planning for Self Publishing Results.

Are you planning? How detailed are you getting? How far out are you planning?

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