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Planning Week One

Today I did my first Profit & Loss statement. I’ve never done one before and didn’t really know what to expect.

It was nerve wracking because it could be a really difficult thing to do, but Debra Lloyd made it easy.

You want and need to be familiar with the basics of using excel, especially if you have to add new rows and do any functions but those were easy to do in Google Docs.

You can download the spreadsheet she provides, which is geared toward internet marketers who have a mixture of income streams.

I still had to add some rows for my services business as I want to track the three aspects of it separately.

Still it was so easy to do and I can’t believe I avoided it for so long.

I will be working on four sites for 2013.

Two are already in play:

This blog and

The other one is associated with the review I started for Super Affiliate Handbook.

The final site of the four won’t be revealed until it’s time. I won’t even be planning for it until the week between Christmas and New Years. But I won’t be revealing it then. 🙂

It’s last because it’s the one that feels like it may be my signature product and honestly it holds the most confusing emotions for me.

This week, the planning focus is on Theory & Profit.

Below is what I already have in place. I want to get the pieces of this into a daily & weekly schedule. I’ll definitely be creating cheat sheets.

– broadcast emails
– almost daily
– weekly (wed)
– blog posts
– weekly video (?) or more frequently
– reviews two types – tools & courses
– social media updates/interaction

This is the site where I connect with you. It’s where we hold each other accountable, where we celebrate the good stuff and commiserate and learn from the bad together.

I love, love, LOVE getting a response in my inbox from you!.

I learn and grow from the words you share, just as much as I hope you learn and grow from the words I share.

So even though my list is small, 3 hands at best, I still love it. I want to always have that inner, inner circle where we trust each other with whatever we need to trust each other with.

Not everyone will want to go there with you or with me, yet the ones who do, yeah we’re right there … with each other.

So that’s the focus for this site. I’ll be deep diving into the details for each quarter over the next four days and then start again next week, with another site.

I also have to work out the fact that I’m starting December off in the red and that I start each month at zero.

I don’t like those two things. That means I need to do better cash flow planning.

That’s it for my work on the plan today.

How are you planning for a RAWKING 2013?

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