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Connect With PEOPLE Because We’re Not Traffic, We’re Visitors

I used to be one of the people complaining about not ‘getting enough traffic’ to my website.

Yet, I’ve seen more traffic people, vistors ohhh yes, visitors stopping by the blog since I changed my thinking in a small way.

I’ve also had far more interaction via comments here and I’ve left twice as many comments in my visits to other peoples sites.

So it wasn’t until after I made that little switch in my thinking that I “got it.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. It’s just, I wasn’t doing it.

Is Your Mindset Stuck In Traffic?

My mindset was stuck in traffic.

You know how it feels to be stuck in traffic, not moving, wondering wth. Moving in stops and starts, inching your way 100 feet.

I was actually thinking well if I make a comment I might get some traffic and … ewww ewww ewww.

Totally stuck.

And of course I didn’t do it.

I had to change that thinking.

When I make a comment, it’s because I have something to say to another person.

Saying something to another person is NOT a traffic strategy.

Connect To People, Communicate With Them

It was, is and will remain a connection, a two-way communication with another person.

It’s the same thing on forums, although it might be a larger group of people. I’m still connecting with a person, the one reading at that moment.

We are conversing through the means of a forum.

We’re talking about a specific topic, sharing ideas, giving or receiving feedback, offering support, laughing, crying and cringing about mistakes.

Do I want to be calling that a traffic strategy?

No way. Nuh-uh.

So moving my thinking to visiting people was a tiny (but hugely liberating) mindset shift.

During the time when I was thinking of people as traffic and working out “strategies” to get more “traffic”, I was alone and angry and filled with doubt about my abilities.

Connecting Is Vulnerable And Yet Makes Us Strong

Yes it’s scary to connect. We’re vulnerable. We don’t know how or even if the person we’re connecting with is going to respond.

We can’t make them either.

We don’t know who else is going to see that comment, blog post, forum post and connect with us or with what we’re saying.

That person may never say anything to us.

He or she is reading and even putting what we say into action, ingesting it and changing something to better themselves, their business, life, relationships or start after their dreams.

But they either aren’t ready or don’t yet feel the need to reach out and connect with their words yet.

That’s still the ultimate in awesome to me.

We have technology which allows us to reach a person half way around the world or down the street, when they are ready to be reached..

It’s like having a favorite song that just makes your day when you listen to it, yet you never meet the singer, the songwriter or the musicians who created it.

If you want more people to hear your song and visit your stomping ground online, stop calling us traffic.

Get more comfortable connecting with people. Speak up. Speak out. Use your words.

When we’re connecting with people and helping them, we may never know who they are. We may never know where they are. Actually that’s not true – can you say analytics? (Not in a stalkerish way at all.)

I’m just be glad we can say or do something that makes a difference for another person.

So all this “traffic strategy” crap, I won’t ever be thinking about it that way again.

I won’t be calling you traffic ever.

Here’s a summary for the skimmers:

    1. Call us people, people. We are not traffic.
    2. Visit people at their blog. Make it inviting for them to visit you at yours.

Avoid thinking about us or referring to us and our visits as “traffic”.

I’d love to call you by name (just leave a comment), but if you’re not ready for that yet, I love knowing you took time out to visit.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

6 Responses to Connect With PEOPLE Because We’re Not Traffic, We’re Visitors

  1. I absolutely LOVE love love this post! Thank you for changing how I think of traffic – OMG! Please consider posting this on article sites. It’s much needed by those just starting out and some seasoned pros.

  2. I totally agree. I love reading other blogs and getting to know bloggers while I read. I love it when people visit my blog and leave comments. It’s about making connections with actual people.

    People talk about link building. I say the only good link is one in a place where people will click it and actually be interested in what’s on the other side.

  3. Oh, Minna! This is really great. I wish some of my clients could understand this concept! They are always trying to “help” me with SEO by subscribing to those thingies that bring a lot of junk traffic to their sites… *sigh*