Building a Profitable Business Online ...

Getting Started Online. Again. Or For The First Time.

After buying, reading, imagining, and attempting to create a secure financial foundation using the internet and internet marketing, but not consistently doing the work to make it happen, I’m taking the plunge again.

I WANT things. I NEED things even more than I want things.

The first step, admit I want what I want and need what I need.

The second step, determine where I already have it and what work still needs to be done.

The third step, fourth step, and gazillionth, quadrillionth, quintillionth step are in this order – keep believing, stick to my ethics/morals/principles and do the work. It’s the last one that gets people (including me).

DO NOT BE FOOLED. Work is involved. Work like you’ve never worked before with no boss looming over your shoulder, no deadlines, no yearly reviews with promises of salary increases, heck no real promise of money even if you work your tail off.

But the potential – oh the potential is strong. The success I see others having, the successes I’ve had myself. It takes being a different kind of person than who you are right now. No wait it takes thinking differently than how you’ve ever thought, especially if you’ve never worked for yourself.

There are so many avenues to creating financial security using the internet that you could research them all and spend 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars without earning any return on that investment.

Success = Belief + Action + Analysis + Change + Timing + Persistence + You + Work

When I started out, I didn’t actually believe I could or would be successful. I also didn’t believe I wouldn’t or couldn’t be successful. I was curious. I saw people  doing this internet marketing thing. I heard what they said they were making per launch, or month, or week, or day.I tried copying what they were doing and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

I tried copying what they were doing and sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t.

When it did work, I’d get distracted by something bright and shiny and stop doing what was working in hopes that this new thing would be easier, faster, more fun, more lucrative.

It can be so easy to chase the new shiny thing in hopes that it’s “the” thing that will give you your financial windfall.

Let me just tell you now – that’s the wrong way.

Having started and stopped this journey numerous times between September 2007 and June 2017, I’ve chased two dozen or more bright shiny objects without actually following through.

I know what lies at the end of that path – desperation, despair, and a deepening hole of depressive debt.


I could beat myself up after not “getting” it for almost 10 years. I won’t though. I’ll dust myself off. Write up the lessons I’ve learned and …

Start again. It’s June 2017 as I write this.

I’m off doing what I’m learning.

It’s a Matter of Doing The Things That Work For YOU. Period.

I won’t always be correct in what I do. It will, however, be perfect, which simply means, I finish what I’m doing.

There will always be some better way or some new way or I’ll have to change something. Because that’s the nature of this ever evolving internet marketing space.

I’m putting more walk with my talk.

I’ll update what I learn when I learn a better way. I’ll stop doing what isn’t working and do more of what is. I’ll track. I’ll measure. I’ll analyze. I’ll experiment. The biggest thing – I’ll do.

We remain in an unprecedented time. At no point in history have we been more able to connect with people the world over at breakneck speed.

Now is the time to do the work necessary to live your own brand of life with its magic and power.

What I share isn’t meant to always be pretty. It’s the good, bad, and fugly involved in a successful quest to make something of my hard fought IM education, create another stream of income, pay down debt, and build a nest egg using the tools available via the internet, my existing talents, and the skills I’ve learned and will continue to learn.

Everyone asks this question of successful people, “If you had to start over again what would you do today? or do differently?

I AM Starting Again. So Here’s What I’m Doing.

I’m starting with domain names from my favorite Domain Registrar (affiliate link), hosting from my favorite Web Hosting Company (affiliate link), my preferred list manager AWeber (affiliate link) all purchased for one year.

I’m using self-hosted WordPress and social media.

I’m also using this 30 Day List Building Challenge (FREE), this Pinterest Success Strategies Program (affiliate link), and Clicknewz Lifetime Access for hands-on help (PAID). 

I’m making no more new shiny purchases until I use what I’ve got. And I’ve got a lot. So do you if you’re reading this right now.

I’ll also tell ya, it’s gonna be hard not to buy things. I like buying things. I like new, shiny, and novel things. Mmm, shiny sparkly buy now buttons make me feel good.It’s an immediate gratification adrenaline rush to press a buy now button and navigate through to a ”successful payment” screen. It’s become a means of accomplishing success or something. I know those ‘feel good endorphins’ from a purchase are BS and I’m about to have some serious withdrawal. Heh. If you’re having trouble resisting the B.S.O (bright shiny object) check out the free resource in the sidebar. I got you.

Because we both know B.S.O. it’s an immediate gratification adrenaline rush to press a buy now button and navigate through to a ”successful payment” screen. It’s become a means of accomplishing success or something. I know those ‘feel good endorphins’ from a purchase are at best fleeting and at worst hurting my financials.  I’m about to have some serious withdrawal. Heh.

But that hands-on help from Lynn Terry at is there to help me through the shakes I’ll inevitably feel.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started. You definitely don’t have to invest a lot of money to keep doing. Truthfully, a bit of elbow grease and the purchase of a domain name,  a month of hosting, plus the AWeber 30-day trial is more than enough of the tech to get you started on the right foot.

The rest is up to you and me. Belief. Action. Persistence. You. Work. Analysis. Change. Action. Persistance. You. Work. Analysis. Change. Action. Persistance. You. Work.

A real pattern starts to emerge after a little while. (grin)

When, in any age of history, could you start what could potentially become a real business, with no real business experience, no degree, no office, no employees, for less than the cost of  a 2 for $22 meal deal at Chili’s or Applebees or one of your other favorite chain restaurants?

That’s right. Tell the significant other (or yourself if you’re single) that ya aren’t going out this weekend and that instead, you’re going to invest that money and start a website as a part-time job, with the intention of creating some passive income.

Treat It Like It’s THE Last Ever Job on the Planet.

Let’s be clear. When you first start – it IS like a part-time job. At least that’s how I’m coming back at it this time like it’s the last ever job on the planet and I have to Have To HAVE TO keep it because it is the only way I can eat.

I’m working this last ever job on the planet until I’ve earned 100 times or more what I paid to access the paid items above. (FYI that equals $87,958 which is more than I’ve EVER earned in ANY given year or even two combined on any job I’ve ever held.)

I’ll reinvest 50% of what I do earn and actually do other things like paying off new and old tax bills, student loans, credit cards and eating (hehe) with the other 50%.

This is going to take doing something different than what I’ve done before. Different thinking. Different actions. Probably some new beliefs about work, success, needs and wants. Not probably. Definitely.

That’s enough from me, I’ve got work to do.

What about you? What do you want? What do you need? What are you willing to do differently to fulfill those needs along with a few of your wants?


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