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Because sometimes reminders are necessary

I hope this letter finds you well, happy, going after your dreams and loving being exactly YOU.
If only one or two of those things apply, this, just heard from Barbara Sher may help.
That whole worthiness thing has just got to be forgotten. Are you worthy? Who cares, that’s got nothing to do with anything. You know you can do everything you have to do no matter how you feel about yourself.
The best thing you can probably do is roll your sleeves up and start doing something that makes you feel solid and forget about yourself. Let yourself dry out a little bit.
You spend too much time thinking about how you feel about yourself, you get all damp and you need some sunshine. And you can get strong that way. Stronger and stronger. You really can.
from Barbara Sher Level 1 Resistance Class
I wonder dear one, if you realize how much you based your being, which is non-negotiable, on being something outside yourself, like being worthy, wealthy, healthy, in love, people pleasing or anything else you think you don’t have right at this moment.
You have everything you need to be YOU right here, right now.
I challenge you to be here now, get some sunshine and warm up to your own power, your own strength, your own love.
Know that you are loved, even if you don’t feel it all the time, it is always there, waiting and available toyou.
Kindest regards until next time.
This is Ria Ludy pronounced re·al·i·ty “rēˈalətē”, loving alter ego of Minna who has to remind her of these things from time to time.
You have an alter ego as well, a higher self if you will who knows this about you. Listen to her. Trust that part of yourself.

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