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A Year of Connections

Yowzer it’s 2014 and this is the year I make more connections.
It’s a multi-faceted word that encompasses my entire life and my surroundings.
The word covers the spiritual, the mental, the emotional, the physical and the financial.
Some of them I can’t tell you about just yet.
I’ll tell you about the ones I can.
The spiritual connections I want and am choosing to make include connecting with every sunrise and sunset I can.
Like this mornings for instance, I count 7 shades of grey, layered across the sky. That’s a connection with my own inner artist and also the greatest architect there ever was or shall be.
I want to connect with you, about your dreams and the aims, objectives, goals and actions which lead you to them.
On the physical level, I want to connect with my body more through the use of Shaolin Chi Kung, which also connects me to the source and leads back to my spiritual connection.
I am choosing to connect to even greater financial abundance, pushing at a figure which scares me, yet also supports the things I am choosing to accomplish this year.
One of the larger things I am choosing this year is to completely rewire my childhood home. Once that’s done I can add central heat and air. Next I can focus on insulation, new siding, windows and doors.
There is so much more that isn’t ready to be talked about yet.
However, everything I do this year is in the spirit of connection.
Tell me, did you choose a word or a series of words to to guide you in 2014?

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