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Social Marketing Results Review Part I


This is a review of Social Marketing Results. If you purchase by clicking links in this review, I will receive a commission.

This does NOT make the product more expensive for you.
In fact, I recall Lynn saying that after all the live sessions are done, the price will go up. As of this writing there are 2 live sessions remaining.

A little background on how I know Lynn Terry.

I’ve been an off and on member of Clicknewz, following and learning from Lynn Terry since I first met her in 2010.
She doesn’t create very many products. The training and help she offers is typically through her Elite Member forum.
So when she mentioned this product in one of her emails, I jumped right on it. There was no sales letter when I purchased and the live training (which you’ll receive as a replay) was just about to start.

Why buy Social Marketing Results?

I know I both need and want to use social media better, but I don’t want to spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ or any of the other social media hot spots.
I also want to help my clients use social media to grow their businesses.
But the most important reason is because that’s where the people are. And where ever the people are is where you want to be if you’re offering something people want.

How Lynn promotes is how she is.

So let’s dive right in and take a look at the sales letter.

The general tone of the sales letter isn’t hyped at all. Lynn doesn’t do hype. But she does do social media amazingly well.
She shares a bit of her own story – over 16 years working online, being a super affiliate and 9 years blogging.
She makes a few promises. If we implement the training, we’ll be able to:
  • cut through the noise,
  • find, connect and engage with our audience.
  • use social media without spending all day there
  • receive a great ROI (return on investment) with the time we spend on social media.
  • walk away with a plan that works for us and our business

Finally, she also promises, if we do the work, get consistent in using social media that we’ll grow our reach FAST, get more more traffic, higher conversions and crazy good opportunities.

What are you getting with Social Marketing Results?

Inside the members area is the following:
The replay of the 2.5 hour training session. I was there live but didn’t take any notes. It’s fast paced but because it’s a reply you can pause and repeat sections.
There are 7 pdf downloads. One is a 63 page transcript with more examples than were in the video training. There is one worksheet and 6 checklists.
There’s a private Facebook group where you can get questions answered, brainstorming help and get inspiration to put the plan into practice.
There are 6 live bonus sessions that started on October 1, 2013. Each one goes into specific social marketing topics. Replays for all of them are available or will be once they are complete.
The live webinars happen every Tuesday at 12 noon eastern time.
There is one single downside to the replays. You’ll need internet access. They can’t be downloaded, at least not right now.
The upside to this is that watching the replay is almost like being on the live webinar. Everything is synced to what Lynn is talking about. You see the questions as they come in the chat box and any links are shared live in the chat box for you to check out. When you can click them, they’ll open in a new window.
So that’s what is on the sales letter.
Lynn is using JV Zoo as her ecommerce payment platform. I purchased before she set that up, so I can’t speak for her specific purchase process. What I can say is that on the initial purchase screen for JV Zoo you want to look for (near the very bottom) and uncheck the box that says “JVZooUncheckUpdateI would like to be emailed updates”.
While you’d think it meant updates from Lynn, it doesn’t. You’ll be added to JV Zoo’s list. At least this was true about previous items I’ve purchased through JV Zoo.

Deep Diving Into the Main Training Replay

I dove into the main replay, with the pdf open.
First up Lynn mentions our reach and how and why it’s our best asset but she also says it’s less about numbers. Forget about the masses.
(Note: About 11:30 into the video, Lynn’s Great Dane, Slim makes a very loud appearance.)
She shares a tip about how to get people to connect with us on their  favorite social media network.
Lynn asks us 6 questions to help us map out a clear social media objective.
I stopped to answer those and realize I’m not clear on them. That’s why I appreciate both the Objectives Worksheet, which provides more detail for each question and the 1st Bonus Session where she walks us through the answers with examples.
I answered the “easy” ones first and …
Yikes, so 3 weeks passed because those questions weren’t easy to answer. I’m still answering them.
(I started writing this review just about a month ago. Geesh, I feel so slow.) 🙂
The thing is, during that time, I’ve also implemented a lot of what I’ve learned, albeit slowly. So I’m going to keep quietly implementing and I’ll be back with more on using Social Media Results and with this review.
If you really want to use social media to find, engage and grow your community, tribe, groupies, peeps, buyers – whatever you call them, then Social Marketing Results training from Lynn Terry will steer you in the right direction. Grab it and get going.
P.S. If you really want to see Lynn walk her talk, like her Facebook Page.
P.P.S. If you really want to see me grow from zero presence to rocking it out on social media, like my new Facebook Page.

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