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Quick Thought: Qualified equals someone who’s done it?

Martha Stewart has defined her idea of success based on educational degrees and job titles.

Hear what she says about social media and bloggers. (Link will open in a new window, take a few seconds to load and there is a commercial.)

So while it’s funny that others are getting up in arms about it, I say –

So What.

That’s her definition and the people who believe her definition is the “right” definition, they’ll either go out and get those things to look professional or they’ll keep following Martha, paying her to think for them. Maybe that’s what she’s after?

For the ones who don’t believe her definition or don’t care one way or the other, do what Kelly says and “keep doing what you’re doing.”

Hear Kellys’ take on it.

Who’s more qualified than you to talk about what you’ve done!

2 Responses to Quick Thought: Qualified equals someone who’s done it?

  1. Hey Minna!

    How you doing girl? I listened to Kelly’s podcast and found it really interesting. I think that we are all programmed from a very early age to believe that we have to have the schooling, the exams, the diplomas etc if we want to succeed. It is a good job that there are plenty of people who are brave enough to give things a try when they do not have these formal qualifications. Just imagine how much poorer our lives would be without all those drop-outs who have provided the world with a wealth of knowledge, motivation, entertainment, enlightenment and encouragement.

    Formal qualifications have their place – I want my doctor, dentist and nurses to be schooled, but there are plenty of other things that you can learn by doing.

  2. Absolutely Victoria. The professions you mention and a few others really do need to have formal education in addition to experience. Yet I couldn’t imagine my life without having known many of the people I’ve learned from over the years, who didn’t need or require degrees and letters after their names to teach me.