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One Way to Spot Your Message

The water slid off my back and the suds bubbled down the drain.

“Amazing,” I thought as the soap dripped from my now motionless hand. “Outstanding, re-vo-lutionary.” So much so, I started to rush.

I had to write this down. Share it. Tell the world. Tell you.

Store it for posterity, forever and ever.

I dried off. Got dressed. Talked to my mom. Chatted on Skype. Started reading a blog post.

And almost forgot – making silent mental promises of “around to it later”.

Epiphanies. Easy to dismiss for their simple, profound, common sense message.

“If you find you are repeating yourself – then you’ve also just found your message.”

It’s all the bullsh!t stripped away from the kernel, the core, the pivot. That’s what epiphanies are after all. They shake us. Pause us. And if we listen and follow, we grow, without unnecessary struggle.

However, we tend to fight them (or I do) because they are too damn simple. They’re boring. ‘Everybody should know that’, we think. It’s been said enough. We’ve said it enough. It’s just basic common sense.

Sure it is but from whose perspective? If an epiphany is stripped down, then that means it was covered with something. If it was covered, it purposefully?s harder to see, less noticeable, possibly totally hidden. Definitely easy to dismiss and forget.

How does this apply to being in service to our market, our people, tribe, community?

We remember to share our “simple” epiphanies. We keep showing up and repeating ourselves until it shakes the bones and reaches the core of the people it’s meant to reach, ourselves included.

When we hear, feel and live the message, we become brighter versions of who we’ve always had the potential to be.

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