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The Power of a Focused Business – Review Part II

Update: As of September 20, 2013 Kelly started offering The Power of a Focused Business for the cost of your email address. I have no idea if this is a permanent change.

In the first part of the review for The Power of a Focused Business, we covered the 6 modules and I mentioned that a 7th would be a live webinar.

Well when I logged back in to the member area, what do I see?

The 7th session replay is now up and available to listen to AND watch. Sadly it’s not audio and as far as I know there is no way to download the Adobe Connect room the webinar is held in.

But to my surprise, an 8th session has been added.

That live webinar happens tonight (Monday April 8, 2013) so there will be a Part III.

Let’s dive into session 7 shall we.

Watch the video for a quick overview of Session 7. The text below goes into more details about each of the “secrets to focus”.

This one is about the strategies and nitty-gritty of action steps to bring yourself focus. It’s about 86 minutes long.

There are 7 “Secrets” although Kelly absolutely says they aren’t really unknown just not used enough.

Secret #1 is about Environment and You

Kelly talks about those who need white noise, music or some other ambient noise and those who need complete silence.

Which way do you work best?

She shares links for 3 resources for those who like noise and need it to focus. I’ve used one of them before but had never heard of the other two.

She also mentions brainwaves entrainment but doesn’t provide any details because, as she says, “she knows enough to be dangerous”.

It’s a matter of using your various senses and giving them inputs to occupy them, while you’re doing the work you need to get done.

Secret # 2 is about Priorities

She mentions knowing what your open projects are and what your limit is for having open projects.

This part about when we make the decisions and choices is key. I definitely DON’T do this, even though I used to think I did.

She lays out what the 3 most important priorities are for marketing a business on the internet. And it’s interesting how she says “marketing” is too big a word.

Of the three, I can say I started out focused on the last one and haven’t done the first two well enough yet. The last one is last for a reason.

Next up Kelly talks about managing those priorities. And shares two tools which keep the priorities in a container. If it’s important, it’s in that container.

Secret #3 is about Taking it Out of the Container

Looking into the container tells her what all needs to get done and then it goes on a checklist.

Oh wow she calls us on out why this doesn’t work for us, even though we learned how to do this entire process in school.

“The secrets of focus are not huge secrets. We learned how to be organized in school. The problem is for most of us we learned how to ….”

“If you know it’s not a priority, don’t call it one.”

“A secret of focus is – aim small, miss small.”

This one confused me but then when she explains it, it’s like Ohhh. Ahhhh. Damn, why didn’t I thiiink about and then dooo that? ::facepalm::

Doing this we know what we actually have available and what can get done.

There is a tool here she uses that I’ve never seen before.

Building onto Secret #3 is Blinders

Once we have the blinders on, what is on the checklist is all that matters. There is nothing else to look at from this point on, except what’s on the checklist.

Secret #4 is Just Launch It

This isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being good enough to help and adding to it for completion.

Kelly says something here that so many of us need to hear over and over again.

Basically it’s a matter of trusting what we’ve prioritized.

Don’t read offers when you aren’t looking for anything new or new to do. When you have a plan, work that plan with your blinders on.

Secret #5 is Take Naps

Know your energetic and time rhythms. Use them to your advantage.

I really love this idea and don’t do it nearly enough.

But I know many people will balk at this. They’ll claim it takes them too much time to feel awake or alert again. Or they’ll claim that they just don’t “feel” right in the middle of the day.

All I’ll ask is, when was the last time you tested and tracked this theory for 30 days?

Secret #6 is Have a Business Coach

This is someone to help you see and address the breaks in the chain of your business or your thinking about your business.

Kelly is definitely a business coach who doesn’t pull punches.

There are several suggestions here and that you’ll find in the 5th Session which talks about all the ways she offers coaching and training.

Secret #7 is Partnership

This is considered an advance level tool. I have to be honest. I didn’t listen on this one.

I know me well enough to know that I’d want to jump here, even though I’m not ready to be there yet.

So that’s it’s for Session 7.

This session alone gets into the nitty-gritty of finding what works for YOU as you focus your business.

It’s still only $7 and I don’t think the price is going to increase anytime soon. Meaning there is no real rush. Unless you really want to be stop being frustrated and all over the place with your business.

Grab The Power of a Focused Business now.

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