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Because sometimes reminders are necessary

I hope this letter finds you well, happy, going after your dreams and loving being exactly YOU. If only one or two of those things apply, this, just heard from Barbara Sher may help. That whole worthiness thing has just got to be forgotten. Are you worthy? Who cares, that’s got nothing to do with anything. You know you can do everything you have to doContinue Reading

A Year of Connections

Yowzer it’s 2014 and this is the year I make more connections. It’s a multi-faceted word that encompasses my entire life and my surroundings. The word covers the spiritual, the mental, the emotional, the physical and the financial. Some of them I can’t tell you about just yet. I’ll tell you about the ones IContinue Reading

Admit To Your Dream

Admit To Your Dream

Some things just aren’t meant to be in the ways we have imagined yet look carefully and see it’s better than we fathomed Each of our dreams and yes desires were given for a reason it may not be time for them to come it may not yet be their season But to turn ourContinue Reading